• Plumbing Trends for Home Buyers – Energy Efficient Plumbing

    Home buyers still desire many of the things that they always have. They want new roofs, modern windows and open floor plans. Those are never bad investments. But, real estate shoppers have added new items to their wish list over the past few years. As utility prices rise, homeowners place a greater value on energy efficient plumbing.

    If you don’t believe that there’s room for improvement, look at the water efficiency chart published on LowesForPros.  See that big number at the bottom? We could save $18 billion with water-efficient plumbing and fixtures. Figures like that are tough to ignore.

    Water Efficiency

    Most homes have pipes as old as their foundation and fixtures that are still in the 20th century. That leaves plenty of room for improvement. If you are selling your home, or plan to in the next five years, here are several ways to hike its plumbing appeal.

    • High efficiency toilets do the same job with less water.
    • Tankless water heaters offer unlimited hot water and use less energy.
    • Efficiency faucets waste considerably less water.

    Home efficiency is not limited to the spigots and drains. There’s a lot happening all around the house. For an interesting article on kitchen trends, Heartland Today wrote a post about green kitchen tips. Think it is time for a remodel? Legacy Plumbing Company can help. Give us a call to learn more: 919.571.9146