• Foundation and Slab Water Leak Detection and Repair

    December 17, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • Foundation and Slab Water Leak Detection and Repair

    Is your Water Bill extremely high? Do you have foundation movement, or Concrete Slab Cracks or hotspots? Do you think you may have a water leak, but can’t find it? Let the Plumbing Professionals at Legacy Plumbing Company help!

    How Do I Know If I Have a Foundation or Slab Leak?

    Below slab leaks generally come in two forms, sewer leaks and leaks in water lines. In case your water lines are leaking, you usually discover out as soon as you get you get your water bill. Even a pin gap in a water line can leak out over 10,000 gallons in one month. In contrast, sewers can leak for years without anybody knowing. Except a sewer is in expansive soils and a leak is adding sufficient water to swell the soils, there could also be no indicators of the leak.

    When a water line or a sewer line leaks enough water into expansive soil, the soil can swell up and raise a building. This is known as heaving. This expansive soil can actually bend your foundation or cause it to have a dome shape – either of which can cause major damage to your home, like cracked walls and floors or even create a damp place for toxic mold to grow.

    How Does Legacy Plumbing Company Test For A Foundation or Slab Leak?

    For water lines, there’s a simple two step test. First a pressure gauge is hooked up to a spigot and the spigot is opened. So long as all water use is stopped, the gauge will show the pressure at which water is delivered from the street. Next, the water meter is turned off. If there aren’t any leaks, the pressure on the gauge will stay constant. If the pressure falls, it means that water is escaping from the lines in and underneath the house. Typically, if a pressure drop is found, taps, toilets, and other water outlets are rechecked for drips or slow use. If no drips or slow use, such a running toilet, is found, then the lines must be leaking beneath the house.

    For sewers, there’s also easy two step test. First, the sewer line is blocked off with a balloon where it comes out from beneath the foundation. Then the sewer is filled with water. Since the sewer is blocked off from the main, if the water level in the sewer drops, there must be a leak. Generally if a leak is detected, this test is run a second time to be sure that the first test didn’t result in a “false positive” result.

    How Does Legacy Plumbing Company Find Foundation or Slab Leaks?

    Sewer leaks are located with cameras that can be pushed down sewer lines, or by isolating and flooding individual sections of pipe.
    Check out video showing how Legacy Plumbing Company can find a water line leak by sending a camera down the drain line:

    Water line leaks are often located with listening devices of various sorts.

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