• No Salt Water Conditioning

    Scalewatcher no salt water conditioner installed

    What is a No Salt Water Conditioner? 

    A No Salt Water Conditioner is an electronic device that treats Hard Water, through a patented technology, that forces dissolved minerals to crystalize and remain in the water, instead of adhering to Faucets, Pipe Walls or Water Heater Elements. The results is water that stops or reduces the build of hard scale on your Fixtures, Pipe Walls or Water Heater Elements. Because it’s an electronic device installation is simple and one time. There are no costly chemicals to keep adding. Contact Us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

    Why Choose a No Salt Water Conditioner?

    Over the years, the typical fix for Hard Water, has been a Water Softener. While this technique does work, it may not always be the best solution. Additional Salt introduced into your water by this process can have unintended Health Consequences , which is why Doctors don’t recommend those with High Blood Pressure drink this water. Keeping a Water Softener supplied with Salt is both time consuming and expensive, and this water can harm your plants and lawn, if used for watering because of the high salt content. A No Salt Water Conditioner can provide the same benefits of Softened Water, without adding Chemicals to the water, and with no maintenance after Installation.

    Benefits of a No Salt Water Conditioning System

    Legacy Plumbing Company Sells and Installs Scalewatcher Residential, Commercial and Industrial Water Conditioning Systems. Scalewatcher is the Industry Leader in No Salt Water Conditioning with offices Worldwide. They were the first to develop this technology, over 20 years ago, and continue to be the only Patented Water Descaler Dealer in the world. Contact Us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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