• Water Acidity and Your Health

    If you see blue staining in your sinks and tubs, or if you find yourself continually repairing copper pipes due to pinhole leaks, you probably already know that your home is supplied with acidic water. What you might not know is that acidic water can damage your health over time, both directly and indirectly.

    Indirect Health Effects of low pH water
    The most damaging health effects of low pH water occur indirectly. When acidic water flows through your home’s water lines, pipes and faucets, it will dissolve metals used in plumbing like lead and copper. Think you don’t have lead in your home’s pipes? Even “lead-free” plumbing fixtures can have up to 8% lead! And while copper is essential in very small doses, short-term copper toxicity can lead to gastrointestinal illness, while long-term exposure may cause liver or kidney damage. 1

    Researchers have also noted another surprising health effect of acidic water: a four-fold increase in the risk of childhood onset type-1 diabetes. The reasons for the increased risk “…remain unknown, but [they] are most likely indirect and may involve an influence on survival of microorganisms in the water.”2

    Direct Health Effects of low pH water
    While not as damaging as the indirect health effects of low pH water, low water pH will cause redness and irritation to eyes below a pH of 4. And while a water pH of 2.5 or lower is uncommon, exposure to water of this acidity will cause extensive and irreversible damage to the skin cells that detect sensation.3

    Solutions for low pH water
    While the effects can be damaging and irreversible, the solution to low pH water is simple. The EasyWater Acid Shield uses a proven process to raise the pH of acidic water to a more natural level, alleviating the harmful health effects of low pH water.

    We also recommend adding the EasyWater RevitaLife Drinking Water Systemto remove harmful toxins from your water – and unlike most RO systems, RevitaLife’s unique remineralizing filter will keep the pH near neutral. If you’re noticing the telltale signs of acidic water, give us a call at 1(877) 708-3338 and talk with one of our residential water specialists. We’re happy to help!

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