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    Why Install a Water Softener? 

    Hard Water is Ground Water that contains excessive minerals. When water is hard, it won’t dissolve soap or detergent very well, and leaves behind scales, which stain your sinks and toilets. Calcium and Magnesium, the minerals that make water hard are also tough on your home plumbing. Deposits can build up in pipes reducing water flow, and deposits can shorten the life and decrease the efficiency of your water heater. The solution is to install a Water Softener.

    How Does a Water Softener Work?

    In order to get rid of the Calcium and Magnesium minerals from your water, the most popular solution is a Water Softener. A Water Softener uses a Mineral Tank which contains small polysterene beads, called resin, which carry a negative charge. Calcium and Magnesium both carry positive charges, so when the water passes through the Mineral Tank, the Calcium and Magesium cling to the Resin Beads, and is replaced by Sodium in the Water. After time the Resin Beads will become saturated with Calcium and Magnesium, and will need to be flushed. This process is called Regeneration. Regneration consists of 3 phases. The first is the backwhash, which flushes dirt out of the Mineral Tank. The Recharge phase forces brine (sodium rich water) through the Mineral Tank to clean the Resin Beads of Calcium and Magnesium. Then the Mineral Tank is flushed, and is ready for use.

    NOTE: Salt is most commonly used to recharge the Mineral Tank, but if you are Sodium Sensitive, or need to limit your Sodium Intake for health reasons you have options. Potassium Chloride can be used to create the Brine, which softens water without adding the additional salt. Legacy Plumbing Company also sells our No Salt ScaleWatcher system, which will soften your water electronically, without the use of a Brine Tank.  Or, you can continue to use Salt to create the Brine Solution, and install a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System to remove the Salt from your drinking water.

    Benefits of Our Water Softening Solutions

    Legacy Plumbing Sells and Installs only the highest quality Water Softener Solutions. Our Fiberglass Pressure Tanks are designed to eliminate leaks since there are no welds, joints or seams. The control units for our Water Softeners are digital, so they are very easy to use and program. They also offer a 48 hour backup in case the power is out. In addition to being safe and easy to use, our Water Softeners are extremely energy efficient; using less power than an alarm clock. Give us a call today at 919-571-9146 or Contact Us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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